Year of the Eucharist

“Let it be our united hope and prayer that,
in the power of the Holy Spirit,
we will ‘fan into flame’ (2 Tim 1:6) our Eucharistic faith,
such that it will shine brightly in every pastorate,
in every neighborhood, and
in every corner of this, the Premier See.” Archbishop Lori

In December, we began a celebration of St. Joseph, emphasizing the importance of Joseph as a model for faith and family. We will continue to celebrate Joseph. Also, we began a very important year. Archbishop Lori has proclaimed this the Year of the Eucharist, and has chosen the theme “Encounter Christ’s Presence.”

During this year, says Archbishop Lori, we will emphasize the four ways that Christ is present to us: “In the Word that is proclaimed (Scripture); in the minister who celebrates, who represents Christ; in the assembly, for where two or three are gathered in the name of the Lord, there is he in their midst; and above all in the eucharistic species, the bread and wine that become the body, blood, soul, divinity of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen.” You will see the logo above representing all of that.

Much will be in store as we continue to come home to the Eucharist. We hope to see those of you who can make it in Church, so that our assembly is enriched, and you are as well.

“The Eucharist heals because it unites with Jesus: it makes us assimilate
his way of living, his ability to be broken up and given to brothers and
sisters, to respond to evil with good.”

“In the Eucharist fragility is strength: the strength of God’s love that
becomes small so as to be welcomed and not feared; the strength of
the love that is broken and shared so as to nourish and give life; the
strength of the love that is split apart so as to join us in unity.”

~ Pope Francis

More information on the Year of the Eucharist can be found here.

Year of the Eucharist Prayer

Lord Jesus,
Your Presence fills us with hope and joy.
You are the human voice of the Father,
Teaching us, Healing us, Forgiving us.

In pouring out Your life for us,
Even to death on the cross,
You opened the gates of resurrected life to all people.

Now, today, in this Eucharist
We encounter You anew.
You draw us into communion with You,
Transforming us through your Body and Blood.

Stay with us, Lord.
Be our nourishment and strength.
Send us forth as servants to the world
And witnesses of your Eternal Love. Amen.

Our Prayer for the Year of the Eucharist by Frank Vande Loo