Volunteers Needed!


Occasionally, on our home page, we feature some of the volunteer opportunities we have in the parish. If you can give an hour a month or 100 hours a month. We can use you. If you don’t know where you would fit in, contact the parish office. The two of you can have a discussion about where you would best fit. We need video people, people that can do office work or stuff envelopes, people who can visit the sick or those shut-in, and people who would like to help with liturgy, finance committee, teaching, or youth ministry. Please consider serving the parish. There are so many needs, but our greatest need is you. Please call. 

Thank you – we appreciate your consideration

Specific Opportunities Currently Available

Altar Servers
We are looking for altar servers in grades four and up who served in the past and may be willing to serve once again.  Please email the Parish Office if interested.

Frederick Health Hospital Ministry
Extraordinary Ministers are needed to bring Communion to the patients at Frederick Health Hospital on a daily basis. This is a joint effort supported by the area parishes.  Bringing the Lord to hospital patients is extremely rewarding not only for the patients but for the EMs involved. You really feel the grace of God when you are giving patients Communion. The patients are so grateful and appreciative of you being there and of having the opportunity to spend a few quiet moments with the Lord.

As to the commitment from the Extraordinary Ministers, it was common for the Extraordinary Ministers to serve Communion at the hospital twice a month but even once a month is available. Two EMs are assigned each day of the month and your arrival time is up to you. Some EMs come during the day and some after work, and even EM couples can serve together on the same day. Training will be available!  Please sign up using the form below.  If you have any questions please contact Janet Cugini.

This ministry is resuming shortly.  We do have a sign-up form for those interested in serving. Anyone who has an interest in serving can fill out the following form and we will let you know when this ministry resumes.