The power of the Rosary

You know, as Catholics, the rosary is something we often take for granted, but there is great power there. There is great power to get our lady to intercede for us in a powerful way. A few weeks ago, a very anti-Catholic journalist after the Dobbs decision overturning the legal rate to abortion, wrote that church militants were using the rosary as a weapon against rights. Now what he said wasn’t accurate, but he realized the power of prayer. That the rosary is a weapon that can literally move heaven and earth. So we ask, do we use the rosary like that? When’s the last time we picked it up? A great saint once wrote that praying the rosary is like sitting with Mary, looking through a photo album. The photo album of Jesus’ life, the photo album of what he did for us. Such a powerful prayer in our lives. Let’s take that rosary out of the drawer. Let’s pick it up again because it is indeed a weapon. It’s a weapon that goes straight to our mother’s heart. She can intercede for us before our heavenly Father.