The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness. It’s one of those topics as Christians we talk about all the time, but we all struggle with. And Jesus talks about it all the time because He has a pretty high bar, which is the same forgiveness we receive from Him. To forgive as Christ calls us to forgive from the heart is not easy. We can only do that by God’s grace. And I think for us to really grow in that, we need to be humble enough to recognize that we’re sinners. We need that mercy from God. And that’s what gives us the grace to forgive. Because when we realize how much God has forgiven us of all our faults and failings, all we’ve ever done, and all we’ll continue to do, then we find the courage and the inspiration to be merciful as well. We don’t forgive others because they deserve it. We forgive others because God has forgiven us first.