Tangibles to remind us of God’s love

As we continue this month thinking about and reflecting on those things that help us get through the challenges of life, another great thing is a tangible thing to hold on to. You know, recently, the worry crosses that you can get on Amazon, wooden crosses to hold in your hand, is a great thing people use to help them when they’re anxious or worried. Maybe it’s a Bible, maybe it’s a medal. For me, it’s a rosary. It happened to be the rosary my nana had her hands when she died. It was the rosary I always saw her praying as a child, a rosary that’s worn thin by all those years of prayers. When I’m anxious, when I’m worried, when I’m frightened, when I can’t sleep at night, it’s that rosary I grab, and just that tangible touch can make a difference. To connect to her faith that was so important to me as a child, but also to be that tangible thing sometimes we need as a visible reminder of God’s love. We all need those tangibles in our lives to remind us that God is there. Find what it is for you that the next time the fear seems to be closing in like a thick fog, you can grab that and feel that in the palm of your hand. As a reminder, the comforting words in the scriptures, “that God himself holds us in the palm of His hand.” Sometimes holding something to remind us of that in our hand reminds us of how safe we really are, in the hands of our Father.