Sacristan Ministry

Sacristans are the men and women who do the quiet work of preparing our sacred space before and after our daily and weekend Masses. Sacristans assist in preparing the altar for the celebration of Mass, as well as the cleaning up and securing of items after Mass.

The term “Sacristan” comes from the Latin word, “sacer,” which means sacred. Sacristans do their ministry behind the scenes bringing to mind the words of Jesus when He said we should not do good works just to gain rewards (Matthew 6:1).

If you are a Confirmed Catholic and can spare a little time before and after Mass, please submit the form below.  Training will be provided and you will be able to select the frequency that you would like to serve. Newly confirmed teens are encouraged to serve! 

Here are some scenes from our Sacristan ministry. Don’t forget to turn up the volume!