Reflecting on the profound meaning of Epiphany!

This past Sunday marked the beautiful feast of Epiphany—a celebration that extends beyond the tale of the three kings and their offerings. It’s about the manifestation of Christ’s gift to the world—the gift of God’s salvation to those who earnestly seek Him. Epiphany nudges us to ponder: Do I actively seek Jesus in my life, or do I sometimes take our relationship for granted? If we’re honest, it might be a bit of both. There are moments when we fervently seek His guidance, and then there are times we get caught up in the routine and forget. Yet, this celebration challenges us to never take this relationship for granted. Just as the wise men set aside everything to seek the Christ child, we, too, should prioritize seeking Christ above all else—above our hobbies, our careers, even our favorite distractions. Because it’s in seeking Him that we truly find Him. They say, “Wise men still seek Him.” So, as we embark on this new year, it’s crucial to ask ourselves: Are we actively seeking Christ in our lives?