Preparing for Advent

As we gear up for the advent season, the word “advent” can often send our hearts racing. It’s that time when our to-do lists seem endless, and stress looms. But amidst the chaos, let’s remember: advent isn’t just about doing—it’s about preparing in a different way. This first week, let’s talk about simplifying. Yes, it’s a busy season, but do we control our schedule or does it control us? Maybe instead of trying to do it all, it’s about simplifying to what truly matters. We don’t need the perfect decorations or to bake every cookie. Sometimes, the rush to do everything drains us. Let’s take a different approach. Simplify down to what feeds our soul. Create more time for quiet, prayer, and reflection—because that’s what advent is truly about. Amidst the rush, let’s not lose sight of the peace and silence that are essential during this season. As we dive into advent and its obligations, let’s seize control and simplify it to what truly resonates with us. Let’s make this advent a season of renewal—a time that matters, not just a blur of activities.