Music in our New Church

Instrumental music in our church is provided by both organ and piano.
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The church building dedicated in May 2014 at St. Joseph-on-Carrollton Manor begins an important new chapter in a rich and vibrant 200-year history. This building will accomplish a number of goals: sacramental, liturgical, practical, and social. It is also an aesthetic statement: a place of devotion and inspiration, a sacred place, set apart from the world, where one may have a personal encounter with the beauty of holiness.

The installation of a high-quality organ, as one of the centerpieces of the new building, ensures that this goal is supported by the uniquely dignified and uplifting sound of the pipe organ. The sight of polished pipes forming an artistic frame to the stained-glass Rose Window, coupled with the sensation of the lowest vibrations of the bass notes as they rumble through the building, provides a distinctly elevating spiritual environment.
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We have chosen from the Allen Organ Company a Three Manual Classical Organ with eight ranks of Reuter wind-blown pipes. This magnificent instrument is a combination of a pipe organ and a digital organ.

We are grateful to the many generous donors who made a memorial gift for our organ.

28Apr14 — Our organ is installed and piano delivered and both are making beautiful music!

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06Feb14 –Recently, representatives from the organ and pipe companies visited our new church to talk about the installation.

St Josephs Church organ sitingIn the loft, where the pipes will be, are (above, L to R): Father Frazier (pointing toward the location of the organ console at the front of the church); Ken Saliba and Neil Weston of Allen Organs; and Bill Klimas, Artistic Director of the The Reuter Organ Company (supplier of the pipes).

St Josephs Church organ siting

At left, Bill Klimas, Artistic Director of The Reuter Organ Company, talks about the installation of the 488 custom-made pipes. If you would like to read more about how the organ is built, please visit the “Shop Overview” pages of The Reuter website.

Would you like to hear the beautiful sounds of our organ? These links take you pages where you can download and listen to audio clips recorded on similar sized organs built by the Allen Organ Company:

Organ console

Our Piano

PianoFrom the manufacturer, Yamaha:  “Combining the traditions of an acoustic instrument with the innovation of digital technology, this instrument offers true grand piano performance from a vertical grand that is minimal in design and beautiful to look at. With a revolutionary speaker system and a touch that simply compels you to play, the compact form and feel of this elegant piano exudes refinement.”  It will provide beautiful sound in a minimal space and in these ways it fits our needs precisely.

To see a video clip of a concert pianist playing this piano, please click here: Yamaha Avant Grand N2 and you will be taken to YouTube.

We are grateful to a generous donor for a memorial gift toward our new piano.