PAC Minutes 11/30/2021

Pastoral Advisory Council (PAC)

11/30/2021 7 pm St Joseph’s LaPonte Hall


A/P Member Type Expires A/P Member Type Expires
P Anderson, Scott M 2025 P McGee, Charlie M 2024
P Barreto Ayala, Apolonio M 2023 P Milani, Bill C 2023
P Becker, Kristie M 2024 P Nathan, Doug M 2025
P Breland, Mary Ann M 2025 P Owens, Jane S 2025
P Duffy, John M 2024 P Schieber, Syl M 2024
P Fitzsimmons, Bob M 2025 A Silva, Jesus M unk
P Gondeck, Greg VC 2024 P Spessard, Amy M 2025
P Jones, Mike M 2025 P Valcarcel, Julio M 2023
A Lopez, Pablo M unk P Williamson, John (Pastor) D 2025

A/P: absent/present | M: member | C: Chairperson | VC: vice-Chairperson | S: secretary | D: Director | G/V: guest/visitor

General Discussion:

Reviewed PAC Principles

Elected and confirmed Chairperson: Bill Milani; vice-Chairperson: Greg Gondeck; and Secretary: Jane Owens

Attendees provided names and email addresses to establish membership

PAC members will be point-of-contact for the SJE/SJ parishioners to contact to submit their ideas and concerns.

PAC names and contact information will be posted in parish bulletins along with PAC status after each bi-monthly meeting.

Fr JW will lead PAC by “consensus,” not by “dictate.”

Term limits (1-3 years) set for each PAC member present at 11/30/21 meeting. Term limits will help avoid cycling members.

PAC focus discussion:

SJE/SJ is 5th largest “Parish” in the Archdiocese

PAC is tasked by Archbishop to make this Pastorate #1 largest as county continues to build and grow

Demographic research data shows that although people move into Frederick Co, they continue to participate in their old home parishes (eg, return to Montgomery County parishes)

Research data shows that SJE pre-covid attendance has returned to 63%; SJ has returned to 68%.

Parishioners should reach out and invite people to join our parishes.

The contract is in place to develop a new website, updated for smartphone users with a reduced “laptop” look and feel. The page will have “auto-translation” into Spanish.

Need to increase “Young-adult” ministry: Praise, Penance & Pub (P3). Socialize in a friendly Frederick pub atmosphere.

Adoration time will be scheduled at SJE/SJ on 3rd Mondays; start date TBD,

All Deacons are available to both SJE/SJ parishes to cover Adoration and other religious activities among parishes

PAC is the “sounding board” for Pastor’s ideas, but PAC members should introduce new ideas for consideration.

PAC will develop a 1yr/2yr/5yr Strategic Plan; a “Blueprint” for the Pastorate as a whole

SJE/SJ Pastorate was “activated” by the Archdiocese from a human-resources perspective, but not financially. Both parishes are financially independent.  Julie St, Croix Director Office of Parish Renewal, Institute for Evangelization for the Archdiocese is lead for this activation process.

SJE/SJ are separate parishes; over time it will be determined whether it makes sense to combine the parishes. The decision to combine parishes is “canonically” pushed out for additional thought and consideration.

SJE/SJ combined Confirmation class in 2020-21 was a strong and very successful program. It was a good example of “pastorate” work and we need to assess other opportunities like this.

Synod on Synodality discussion:

The “Synod on Synodality from the Vatican” refers to seeking input from people on where we need to go. The purpose is to develop a “snapshot” view of where parishioners think we are and want to go.  The Archdiocese is open to this input.

We need parishioners to provide input and feedback. An online survey for discussion as well as feedback will be provided to the Archbishop.  We will not hold a town hall.

The survey questionnaire will have focus questions, such as: “Do you feel engaged by the parish?” PAC will review, interpret, and prioritize results from the questionnaire, which will help the PAC focus on specific areas of need that are most important to the parishioners.

Spanish Ministry discussion:

SJE/SJ needs to have additional Spanish parishioner members on the PAC

A discussion topic was submitted to move the SJE Spanish Mass from Sat 5pm to Sun (time TBD).

A discussion topic was submitted that the SJE Spanish ministry members are not permitted to reserve meeting space and requested assistance working through a particular personnel issue. Fr JW requested an email explaining the specifics; a private meeting will be scheduled with PAC members who voiced this concern.

Follow-up Actions

Apolonio Barreto Ayala will email Fr JW details of the concerns about rescheduling SJE Spanish Mass and reserving meeting space for the Spanish ministries.

Fr JW will meet privately with Apolonio to discuss concerns.

SJ PAC members will reach out to Spanish parishioners to join PAC.

Next meeting:

1/13/2022 7-9 pm
St John the Evangelist
Bauer Evangelization Center Main Hall

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