November and our mortality

November reminds us of our own mortality. And we don’t like to think about that. We try to avoid it, but it’s healthy for us spiritually to remember that there is more to us as people of faith. Like the painting behind me, one day all of us will go to the lord. Are we ready for that? Are we achieving or striving or at least looking for that sanctity of being a saint? You know, the Feast of All Saints is not to celebrate this the saints in heaven. They don’t need our adulation or us to remember them. They’re with God. It’s for us. A reminder that on the day of our baptism, we were called to take our place in the community of saints. We’re not just called to be mediocre. We’re called to be a saint. And I think that’s a call we often forget about. We hope November is a reminder that we need to put as much time and energy into preparing for the life to come as we do for the one we’re living right now.