Mothers’ Day Novena

A Novena of Masses will be offered for all mothers, living and deceased, beginning on Mother’s Day, May 8th. Express your love for a special mother, grandmother, godmother, mother-in-law, or any mother who has played a motherly role in your life.

Send in your Mother’s Day envelopes with the name(s) of those you would like remembered by May 2nd. If you do not have an envelope, mail a note with the names of those you would like to remember along with the donation, or email us the names and mail the donation indicating that it is for Mother’s Day. Please Print Clearly.  A $10.00 offering is suggested for each name submitted.

Prayer for Mothers

Thank you, Lord, that you fill a mother’s heart with love,
That you have instilled in her very being
the need to protect her children if at all possible,

Thank you for giving her the gift of nurturing her children,
of teaching them, of comforting them, 

for feeding them and making a safe place for them.
For guiding them to be all that God has created them to be.
Fill every mother with love, wisdom, and endurance,
with strength and patience and joy.
Give them the ability to forgive again and again.
Enable her to rely on You and call upon You
because You will give her all she needs.
In Your precious and all-powerful name. Amen