Martha’s Ministry

The Corporal Works of Mercy are “charitable actions by which we come to the aid of our neighbor” in bodily necessities. (CCC 2447). One of those works of mercy is to “bury the dead.”

At St. Joseph, our Martha’s Ministry helps to put on receptions after a funeral. Funerals can be a very trying time for families. It can be overwhelming not only with feelings of loss but also for dealing with the practical considerations of meal preparation for sometimes a large number of relatives and friends.

St. Joseph supports these families through our Martha’s Ministry by providing families with a peaceful and comfortable reception following the funeral of their loved one so that families can spend time together with friends and relatives, share memories, and support one another during that difficult time. Martha’s Ministry handles the planning and organization of the event and makes every effort to create a stress-free experience for the family and loved ones.

Ministers set up, cater, serve and clean the hall and the only qualifications are a welcoming smile and a commitment to serve. Sometimes ministers prepare food or bring food from home, other times they serve catered meals.

When a funeral arises, we need people who are willing to do one or more of the following:

      • Arrive the night before or the morning of and help put on tablecloths and flowers for our tables.
      • Arrive on the day of the funeral, and help serve food (we really need servers!)
      • Be on a list and be willing to bring a dessert or casserole and drop it off

These are very practical ways to help. If you are willing to serve (and not every funeral, but a willingness to be called upon) please submit the interest form below.