Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the Priest and the Deacon in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and serve at weddings, funerals,
and other liturgical celebrations.
“Being an Altar Server is a Call to Prayer and Mission.” Pope Francis

St. Joseph provides young Catholics who have received their First Holy Communion with the opportunity to grow stronger in their faith and become more active in the celebration of the Mass by altar serving.


  • Received First Holy Communion
  • Is committed to service to the community
  • Understands and appreciates the liturgy, worship, and sacraments
  • Able to stay focused and avoid distracting movements so as not to draw attention away from the Liturgy (sit straight, feet on the floor, etc.)
  • Knows which tasks are assigned to this ministry and is diligent in carrying these tasks out.
  • Attends training sessions and is willing to take direction
  • Arrives early enough to carry out tasks without hurry, dons the altar server cassock, and prepares for the liturgy
  • Dresses appropriately according to parish norms
  • Is faithful to the schedule and substitute list and uses the scheduling software with parental assistance
  • Is willing to substitute when necessary.


  • Is comfortable in front of people
  • Shows the proper attitude during the performance of tasks with respect, reverence, attention, and care
  • Has a willingness to learn about the structure of the liturgy, including weddings and funerals, and liturgical terms. Can memorize the parts of the liturgy and know the cues for performing assigned tasks

If you are interested in serving in this ministry or have questions, please complete the form below.  

Why Become an Altar Server?