Keep-Me Contact Us

To contact our wonderful staff please call 301.663.0907 and use the extension listed below to reach the appropriate person. You can reach us by e-mail by clicking on the individual’s name or by clicking here to send a message to the parish office.

Rev. Lawrence Frazier, Pastor Emeritus
Rev. John Williamson, Pastor – 3011
Rev. John Streifel, Associate Pastor – 3052
Deacon Scott Anderson, Permanent Deacon – 3024
Deacon James Cyr, Permanent Deacon – 3024

Jennifer Irons, Choir Director – 3017
Mike Jones, Liturgy – 3047
Liz Parrotte, Senior Executive Associate – 3018
Dr. William D. Powell III, Organist – 3017
Martina Rangel, Coordinator K through 5 Faith Formation – 3012

Mailing Address
5843 Manor Woods Road
Frederick, MD 21701
Phone – 301.663.0907