Is it Okay if I Get Mad at God?

One of the questions people always ask me is, is it okay if I get mad at God? An answer is yes. We’re in a relationship with God. And just like any relationship, your spouse, your children, sometimes we get angry. And that’s part of how we grow in our relationship with God is expressing that anger. Now getting angry at God and walking away from him, not a good thing. But getting angry with God and crying out asking him why, wondering why things happen. I don’t understand, Lord. That’s how we grow and deepen our faith. There’s nothing wrong in wondering what God’s thinking and how this works. Not that we’re always going to get the answers. But at least by having that dialogue with God, we open our own hearts so that God can begin to give us his peace. Maybe give us that answer. Maybe give us a different way of looking at it. It’s like a relationship with anyone we love. There’s good times and bad times. Only by expressing that to God and working through that, do we deepen that relationship, which is the most important relationship in our lives?