How to Put Christ back at the Center during Lent?

Putting Christ back at the center during this Lenten season. We all struggle with that. It’s very hard to keep the Lord as essential focus with so many other things are vying for our attention. But recently, I was following one of those TED talks, and the speaker made a good point. He said, the first five things we do when we get out of bed in the morning make it pretty clear where our priorities are. Maybe just a quick few moments to say good morning, Lord, and help me make this day a good one puts God back at the center. And it’s those little things that make a difference. Imagine if you got up in the morning and didn’t say hello to your spouse or take care of your kids, that’d be a problem because they would know you didn’t care about them. Yet if we’re getting up and not making time for God, then are we really saying that God is the center of our lives? It’s one of those little ways in let, we can all shift to put God back in the center.