God remains our anchor

It often seems like our world is filled with disagreements, wars, tragedies—a stark contrast to the loving God we believe in. But here’s the thing: the chaos we see today isn’t new. Throughout history, there have been wars, violence, and disagreements. We’re just more connected and aware of them now thanks to technology. Imagine, a couple of centuries ago, we wouldn’t even know what’s happening on the other side of the world. Amid this turmoil, God remains our anchor. He’s the constant in a changing world, the one who holds us steady even when everything feels out of control. While we should care and take action to make a positive impact, it’s crucial to remember that God’s love never wavers. When doubts arise, I always turn to the resurrection. Look at the stained glass behind me—on Good Friday, when Christ suffered, it must have seemed like darkness had won. But his love transformed that pain into the joy of Easter. The resurrection is our source of hope. No matter how chaotic life gets or how upside-down the world seems, God’s love, mercy, and power are working for our good. It’s the foundation of our faith as disciples of Jesus—the reassurance that, just like on Easter morning, God is working something beautiful in the midst of difficulty.