A parish cannot survive without the generosity of its parishioners.

Regular, planned, sacrificial giving provides resources needed for our parish to fulfill its stated mission. Your sustaining gifts provide for worship services, pastoral, educational, and administrative staff, and community outreach initiatives to provide for the poor and needy of our parish and community.

There are several different methods in which to give.  St. Joseph is appreciative of your giving, no matter the method.


Please be aware we are unable to track loose cash donations.

Plan your gift as part of your monthly budget and elect to use weekly envelopes.  All donations are recorded in our database for end of year tax statements.  Email our parish office at to request offertory envelopes be sent to you.

These are recorded in our records for end of year tax statements for registered parishioners only.

Log in to your online banking system and set up a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even one-time payment to be sent to St. Joseph.  We process this donation as we would any donation check received.  Please mark in the memo of this check where you intend your donation to be applied, e.g., offertory, maintenance, Catholic Schools, etc.  Including your envelope number also facilitates the recording of your donations.

The most convenient way to support our parish and the important outreach and ministries the church provides is by electronic transfer of funds through a checking account, savings account, or by a charge to your credit card.

Faith Direct, our EFT provider, offers a secure way for you to send, and our parish to receive, your regular contributions, even when on vacation or when business takes you out of town, or an illness prevents you from attending Mass.  Faith Direct also provides you with a personalized “offertory card” that you can choose to place in the collection basket as a visible sign of your support.

CLICK HERE to enroll in recurring giving OR to make a one-time donation.

To enroll in recurring egiving:

  • Select “enroll in recurring egiving
  • Enter our church code “MD993” when prompted
  • Follow the prompts to set up your account and designate your preferences

To make a one-time gift, simply select one-time gift.


If you prefer, you can download an enrollment form here.  Enrollment forms are also available in the Parish office.

Thank you for your contributions to St. Joseph’s!