PAC – Pastoral Advisory Committee

Letter from Fr. John Williamson, January 24, 2022:

In October 2021 we formed the PAC for the Pastorate of St. Johns and St. Joseph to be an advisory board to me and to help plan the future mission of our Pastorate. Since neither parish has had a parish council or other parishioner leadership structures in place for quite a long time, this was a priority for me to hear from the parish and to enable the parishioners to take ownership and leadership in making this a vibrant active pastorate.

Since the PAC has now had 3 meetings, I wanted to give you an update on what they have been working on:

  • Identifying their role and governance structure
  • Looking at how we reach out to new people moving into the area and inactive members of our parish
  • Implementing the Holy Father’s Synod on Synodality in the pastorate
  • Setting goals on how we as a Pastorate can be more effective working together rather than as two separate parishes.

I am extremely grateful to the members of the PAC for their willingness to serve in this regard and to be the representatives of the parishioners to me. Below you will see listed all the members of PAC and their email addresses; they are your voices, please reach out to them with your ideas or concerns so they can bring them to the PAC meetings. We will be posting the names and contact information to the web pages of both parishes, as well as the minutes from our meetings so you can always know what is going on.

Fr. John

PAC Constitution and By-laws

PAC- Pastoral Committee Roster (1-25-2022)
Name email address Term
Anderson, Scott 3
Barreto Ayala, Apolonio 1
Becker, Kristie 2
Breland, Mary Ann 3
DeFusco, Fr, Matt 3
Duffy, John 2
Fitzsimmons, Bob 3
Gondeck, Greg
(Vice-Chair) 2
Jones, Mike 3
McGee, Charlie 2
Milani, Bill (Chairperson) 1
Nathan, Doug 3
Owens, Jane (Secretary) 3
Schieber, Syl 2
Spessard, Amy 3
Valcarcel, Julio 1
Vallecillo, Arturo 3
Voorhis, Mark 3
Williamson, John (Pastor) 3