St. Joseph Cemetery

Cemetery plots are now available at St. Joseph cemetery.  If you are interested in securing a plot or plots for you or your loved ones, please call or email the parish office and we will walk you through the process of selecting and purchasing the plot(s) and will provide you with all of the necessary paperwork and policies for the burial through the installation of a monument or headstone.  

The church cemetery is tied into the area’s growth and to the history of Catholic migration to the United States. The oldest headstone coincides with the completion of the first church in 1822 and includes some of the most prominent Catholic families from the county including Thomas, Day, Spalding, Jarboe, Dutrow, and Grove.

The era of railroad and canal building in the United States attracted many poor Catholic laborers from Ireland. This difficult and hazardous work claimed many lives, and some Irish laborers working on the construction of the C&O Canal were buried in the cemetery after they succumbed to a cholera epidemic in 1832. Father McElroy worked tirelessly among the victims who were stricken along the Potomac River between Point of Rocks and Hagerstown.

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