St. Joseph on Carrollton Manor

Catholic Church

Frederick | Maryland

A Community of Faith

A peaceful rural setting but a vibrant faith community. St. Joseph has always offered a tranquil and peaceful setting that draws a growing, diverse, and active faith community to its rural campus.

Mass Times
4:30 pm

8:30 am and 10:30 am 

bell tower image - Chris Stone Photography

Jolt of Faith

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

As we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving, it's a wonderful opportunity to ponder, "How can we cultivate an attitude of gratitude?" One practice, recommended to me by a spiritual director years ago, has made a profound impact on my life, and I'd like to share it...

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How building a gratuitous attitude can make you happier

As November unfolds, our thoughts naturally turn to Thanksgiving, that cherished holiday where we gather with loved ones, savor traditional feasts, and express gratitude for the bountiful gifts of the harvest. But let's remember that Thanksgiving is more than just a...

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Unite in prayer for those who have gone before us

This November, we embrace a cherished Catholic tradition, a time to remember and pray for all the faithful departed. It's a poignant moment to recall our loved ones who have journeyed ahead, marked with the sign of faith. Although it's heart-wrenching to accept the...

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Celebrate the Faith Superheroes

This week, we celebrate the feast of All Saints, honoring the holy men and women of every time and place – known and unknown. When we think of saints, we often envision faith superheroes, and indeed, they are. But they also present challenges for us. We sometimes...

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